In a global environment, it is essential to build relationships or joint ventures that allow for a win-win strategy. Executives don’t have much time, and board directors may not be involved in daily business. But missing the opportunity to talk to others who have successfully gotten out of the same problems or who have the knowledge needed for new solutions may cause the company to lose competitive performance, opening the field for competitors to come into your area of influence or attack your company with more competitive product proposals.

Such relationships with successful market leaders are not easy to obtain due to the difficulty of accessing key individuals and defining the partners, especially for medium-sized companies, due to a lack of contacts along with distance, culture barriers, etc. It is here, therefore, that the expert’s personal reputation and global contact network, created through years of successful ventures, helps to move a project along faster, attracting other technical or financial investors and ultimately generating credibility, avoiding partnership errors and wasted time.


Work in this field may take the form of:

  • Cooperation on diversification, new markets or business acquisitions and investments in the industry’s field. This may happen in developed countries or factoring in countries rich in raw materials, fishing, or oil and gas, on new or old projects under SV modalities such as EPC, BOT, etc., or on new projects, new technologies or start-up concepts.
  • Seeking the appropriate partners who may contribute to value-added creation, implying a prior understanding of the company culture.
  • Assisting in companies’ or investors’ diversification into new segments, markets and countries, or new fields of commerce in new or traditional areas of the industrial sphere and in the automation and datacom security applicable to that industry.
  • Finding incentives for mining exploration, ore concentration, water, energy, waste recovery, and materials brokerage.
  • General advising or coaching on industry project management and plant commissioning.
  • Reporting and attracting financing that is available from one country to another but is unknown to most people.