Mr. Acacio Rodriguez

UNILOG Consulting was created with the purpose of providing Top Expert Consultancy and Business Development to promote and develop viable and profitable industrial projects worldwide. A global group of international senior experts (former top Executives) offers joint value added services designed to achieve higher performance.

Combining the on-site experience of experts in the industry with the enduring trust placed in us by renowned leading industry investors, new solutions are being suggested and implemented worldwide at more competitive costs and with better returns.

Mr. Acacio Rodríguez, one of the main founders whose international experience is recognized as CEO, COO, and Senior Consultant of leading firms such as Ford Europe, Fujitsu Spain, Pegaso, Aceralia, and Seddon Atkinson UK, has also served as Consultant to the European Commission, in addition to other commitments with governments and banks on industry matters in several countries.

Other members of the group are former top worldwide executives with many years of experience in complex industrial companies in the fields of metal and steel working, power generation and materials handling, and mining projects. This high level of expertise is not always available when needed unless it is organized by a stable solutions network, such as the one provided by the UNILOG team.

The liaison amongst these global industrial experts, with their strong network of relationships, allows for a quick reaction to a proposed investment project thanks to their experience, credibility and reputation. Moreover, the experience of the partners is shared in such a way that any question about what to do or not to do is rooted in on-site experience and best practices in areas such exploration, lean manufacturing, power generation, steel and metalworks, piping, logistics, transport, shipping, renewable energy projects, etc.

We provide support and advising in the development or assistance of business plans & project financing in different ways:

  • Drafting, supervision of corporate, industrial & labour restructuring programs. Bringing in new partners who are better prepared to start a plant and run facilities with increased productivity.
  • Review business report for banks, governments or board of directors to monitor and coach their action plans in order to ensure overall improvement, reorient management or consolidate planned diversification initiatives. This is done mainly with the input of the owners or investors in addition to the managers.

In today’s world that moves so quickly, ensuring the shortest way to transform a losing business into a profitable one and putting company energies into new ventures of value, will also help in finding investors and executives with management experience.