The scope of competitive work on industrial projects first implies the need to know “where are we?” with knowledge of best practices and a comparison to them. Small size, inappropriate technology, low production volumes, lack of product differentiation or high product costs create weaknesses in terms of profit & loss, and in terms of competitors, which actuate under a productive global market.

The improvement of industrial companies requires a very PRACTICAL APPROACH by experts who have really “done the job before” and who maintain their knowledge of the business and ability to make inputs and who readily understand certain actions, such as:

  • Advising or development of business strategies by:

    Evaluation and development of business patterns
    Benchmark versus industry leaders each point of a plan
    Seeking new technology, technical processes & partners appropriate to each case
    Review of investment strategies and investors’ industrial plans
    Assist in mergers, acquisitions and divestment from an industry point of view
    Assistance in post-merger integration

  • Development or assistance in business plans & project financing.
  • Supervision of corporate, industrial & labour restructuring programs.
  • Business reports for banks, governments or boards of directors to review, monitor and coach their action plan in terms of reorienting management or diversification initiatives.